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Polkadot + Moonbeam goes into Hawaiian mode for the opening of Aloha Poke in Perth. A big thanks to Felix at Perth Professional Entertainment Services for the gig!

Today Polkadot + Moonbeam together with Singapore’s favourite acapella group Micapella were featured at Mapletree Arts in the City, an initiative of the Singapore National Arts Council to bring Arts into the white-collar workplace, in this case, Mapletree Business City.

Mint in collaboration with Red Kite performed today at Tiffany & Co. Takashimaya for their couples’ special event. A big thanks to Red Kite for organising the performance and this short video clip, and Ling from Live! Studios Interactive Photography for the great photos!

On August 3rd, Polkadot + Moonbeam performed at the media launch of Anthesis Boulangerie, Bistro & Café on Robertson Quay together with celebrity entertainer and MC Mervyn Goh. We certainly enjoyed the wonderful food served in the set breaks, a big thanks to Mervyn Goh and Anthesis for having us, we wish you a great future ahead!

It was a real pleasure having the both of you perform at the launch yesterday. Your style of music and voices were perfect for the setting! I had goosebumps!

Event Organizer

On December 20th 2012, Juliet Pang‘s jazz trio Midnight Sun performed as part of the entertainment for a Nestlé Awards event that was held at Marina Mandarin Singapore. The trio featured Sharon Nunis on piano and Didi Mudigdo on bass. A big thanks to Blink! Events and Benjamin Loh Photography for the great photos!

Polkadot + Moonbeam had the honor of performing before Singapore’s President Tony Tan, at the President’s Volunteerism & Philantrophy Awards on November 14th. A special thanks to Annabelle Low from the National Volunteer and Philantrophy Centre for the photos!

Today Polkadot + Moonbeam performed for Mercedes-Benz’s Regional Logistics Centre in Singapore on their 10th anniversary. It was in a warehouse in Tuas, we didn’t see any Mercs but there were boxes of different shapes and sizes, presumably containing parts for Mercs. Thanks to Blink! Events and Ken from S2 Production Instant Print Services for the great photos!
Polkadot + Moonbeam Mercedes-Benz Event

On June 9th 2012, Polkadot + Moonbeam performed together with celebrity World Vision Goodwill Ambassadors Jack & Rai and Melody Chen at World Vision Singapore‘s 30 Hour Famine Camp. A big congratulations to all the participants, for enduring the ‘famine’ to raise funds for a worthy cause!

I would like to express our deepest appreciation and thanks for your strong support of World Vision by gracing us with your melodious and heart-warming performance. Your music and sharing has truly touched the hearts of the public.

Executive Director – World Vision Singapore
World Vision Singapore 30 Hour Famine