Polkadot + Moonbeam

Four String Swing
Polkadot + Moonbeam: Four String Swing
When Juliet Pang first met Sydney musician Didi Mudigdo, one of their first conversation piece was that both of them featured ukuleles on their Facebook profile photos. It was no surprise that their first collaboration was Polkadot + Moonbeam (named after Frank Sinatra’s first hit single in 1940), a roaming acoustic duo that features Juliet on the four-stringed wonder.

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Mo’ Mojito

88 Keys of Jazz Sophistication
Mint: 88 Keys of Jazz Sophistication
As well as being an accomplished singer, Juliet Pang has a love for piano, having started organ lessons aged 6 when her feet could barely reach the bass pedals, followed by piano studies aged 12. Most recently in 2011, she studied jazz piano at Sydney’s Australian Institute Music. The jazz piano duo Mo’ Mojito has Juliet adding 84 more strings to the Polkadot + Moonbeam instrumentation. And another four from acoustic bassist Didi Mudigdo.

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